Afghanistan Ban on Female Students Education Even After Opening Universities

Newstoday: Afghanistan's universities reopened after the winter vacation, but Taliban security officers barred female students from attending. According to the Global News Agency, the Taliban prohibited women from attending university in August of last year, claiming that the Ministry of Higher Education was striving to make university environments safer for women by adjusting them to Sharia norms and Afghan culture. Following that, the prohibition will be lifted. Yet, it was hoped that students would be able to continue their studies when the institutions reopened after the Christmas break, but students were disappointed once again when the universities reopened today. The Taliban officers on security duty at the universities' main gates urged female students who arrived to return. It should be mentioned that, in accordance with the Taliban government's directives, most colleges already taught males and girls separately through separate entrances and courses.

Similarly, only female professors or older male lecturers were permitted to educate female pupils. Notwithstanding the execution of these government directions, the Taliban issued a ban on women's education in the middle of last year, but many Taliban leaders insist the prohibition is just temporary and will be overturned shortly. The ultra-conservative clerics who advise Taliban emir Hibbullah Akhundzada, on the other hand, are extremely dubious of contemporary education for women, according to some Taliban leaders. It should be mentioned that since taking control in August 2021, the Taliban has prohibited women from working and girls from attending secondary school.

Sabahat Abid


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