Around 70% of Petrol Pumps are Dry in Lahore, Gujranwala and Faisalabad

petrol pumps face fuel

NewsToday: The country appears to have experienced a fuel shortage issue earlier than anticipated due to insufficient imports and the local supply of high-speed diesel and gasoline. Many gas stations in Punjab's major and smaller towns, particularly in the largest city of Pakistan include, Lahore, Gujranwala, and Faisalabad, where many gas pumps have had little to no gasoline supply for several days, have not yet experienced the worst of it. This is likely a result of pressure on oil marketing companies to boost their supply (OMCs).

About 70 percent of the total 450 pumps in Lahore lack petrol, according to Khawaja Atif, secretary of the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association, and 70% of the pumps in Gujranwala are running out of gas due to OMC shortages. Atif claims that there hasn't been any gasoline available at the pumps in Lahore, Sahiwal, Okara, and other smaller towns for a number of days. The minister of state for petroleum, Musadik Malik, has denied rumors of a fuel shortage and declared that there would be enough gasoline and diesel for the ensuing 20 days. He issued a warning that gas station owners would have their licenses revoked if it was discovered that they were restricting the supply of fuel.

Sabahat Abid


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