European Commission Announced to Ban Tiktok on Official Devices


Newstoday: The latest sign of escalating tensions between Beijing and the West is the extraordinary decision by the EUC to forbid personnel from accessing the Chinese social media app TikTok due to security concerns. Western governments are growing increasingly concerned as evidence suggests that Chinese technology companies aid the Communist Party and its intelligence services in acquiring vast amounts of data globally, with a focus on expanding political and security objectives

On Thursday, the European Commission Council made the announcement that they had asked their workers to uninstall the TikTok app from any personal or work-related apps they had installed on their smartphones. Thrirty-two thousand people were ordered to delete Tiktok and the apps related to work from their personal devices. Officials are also ordered to remove the video-sharing app before 15 march. Whoever installs this app after the deadline will be considered a complaint, and the department will take action against that individual.

Sabahat Abid


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