IMF Deal will Impose Taxes worth Rs 170 Billion, Ishaq Dar

IMF Deal

NewsToday: During a news conference in Islamabad, the Finance Minister stated that everything had been mutually agreed upon by last night and requested that the IMF send us (MEFP) document. The draught of the MEFP was received this morning following discussions with the IMF; following the process, the IMF must provide specifics after an agreement is achieved. A virtual meeting will take place on Monday to move things along. The administration and economics team are currently rushing to complete it. According to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, the agreement with the IMF requires imposing new taxes totaling 170 billion rupees, for which a mini-budget must be presented.

Ishaq Dar stated during his news conference today in Islamabad that everything was agreed on mutual agreement and that the IMF will send the document. The present government is implementing the Program with clarity. We will make things sort out soon. He said there is no such burden on the typical person as the rise of tax is an increase in the energy sector, and the gas sector would be zeroed out. Further, he said in his statement there is no tax on petrol.

Sabahat Abid


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