Iranian Girls Poisoned to Prevent them from Attending School

Iran Girls

Newstoday: In a concerted effort to shut down girls' schools, as in the Iranian city of Qom, hundreds of female students—many of whom were ill—were purposefully poisoned. In order to discredit girls' schools and force their closure, the World News Agency reports that Iran's health authorities have acknowledged that dozens of female students were poisoned in recent days in the city of Qom. According to the health authority's statement, most of the ten-year-old girls who received this poison were also hospitalized as their conditions deteriorated, which is how this issue came to light. According to the statement, wicked forces opposed to girls' education and seeking to frighten parents away from schools are behind the poisoning of female pupils.

The Iranian Ministry of Education has established an investigation committee into this problem. Still, no arrests have been made thus far, and no reports of the poisoning-related deaths of female students have been reported. It should be mentioned that it was determined throughout the inquiry that chemical substances, not those utilized by the army, were the cause of the poisoning.

Sabahat Abid


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