Kurulus Osman's Leading Actor Along his wife Died in Turkiye Earthquake Debris

Kurulus Osman

Newstoday: Başmz Saolsun, a famous actor from the Turkish show Kuruluş Osman, and his wife perished after they were buried under the rubble of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey last week.

The production business Bozdag Film had announced Başmz Saolsun's and his musician wife Zalan Tigris' demise on Instagram. The production firm posted a photo of the couple and a message asking for forgiveness and expressing grief: "Actor Saolsun along with his wife died trapped under the wreckage of the earthquake in Turkey."The actor has played a great role as a soldier of Konya palace in the Kurulus drama series, which is totally based on Islamic teachings and rules. It is important to note that the death toll has increased above thirty-four thousand, and there is fear it may reach 50,000.

Sabahat Abid


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