Second FIR was Registered Against Sheikh Rashid In Murree

Sheikh Rashid

NewsToday: Sheikh Rashid is facing another case at Murree Police station. PTI ally and the former minister were arrested on 2 February Thursday by Murree police from Motorway. Investigation officer Ashiq Ali reported the FIR. As written in the FIR statement, Sheikh Rashid threatened the police not to spare them at any cost.Besides Sheikh Rashid, his two employees are involved in this case. According to the FIR, when police went to Sheikh Rashid's home, he came out with armed servants and stopped police from arrest and started threatening them. He was involved in 120B(criminal conspiracy) and 505(statement conducting to public mischief).

Furthermore, he abused the policeman and threatened them that he would take revenge and not let them go free. Three cases have been filed against Sheikh Rashid because of his hate speech against the police. Bol news anchorperson was also arrested yesterday by police due to a controversial statement he has given to incite the people to anger.

Sabahat Abid


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