News Today in English is a voice for billions of people, gathering and spreading national and international news on News Today's internet news site and social media platforms through fearless delivery and investigative journalism.

Because of our independent ownership, we are completely free of political fear and control. Our core values are determined by the issues we choose to cover with all of our strength and courage.

It is responsible for covering continuous worldwide and national news, such as sports, business, entertainment news, daily dose facts, political issues, and news about showbiz, among other things.

Our Organization

It is the world's largest news broadcast, with 200 journalists and 48 news collecting bureaux, 41 of which are located overseas.

Today, millions of readers visit the page since it is free and provides the greatest news analysis. Our reporters are spread across more than 150 countries, providing news from every corner of the globe.

It collaborates closely with regional and national news organisations, as well as news organisations around the world to present a diverse picture of communities around the world and in Pakistan.


Along with Journalists, there are about 500 employees in the Resource department who provide comprehensive content, graphics, facilities, news, reporting, IT operational staff, and other services.

Journalism is built on impartiality, accuracy, and fairness. Our key principles are in-depth knowledge; in our journals, we prioritise quantity over quality and analysis across a wide range of disciplines; our major purpose is to deliver original hand material, investigation, reporting, and information from across the world.

A trusted source

News Today in Urdu is a well-respected platform in Pakistan and around the world for the breadth and depth of its journalism. It is a well-known platform that covers key topics such as politics, the environment, science and technology, social justice, sports, culture, and much more. Our journalism includes agenda-setting research, information, breaking live news, engaging opinions, and informative writing, as well as the most up-to-date features, video documentaries, infographics, and visualisations.

OUR covid-19 research, and recent climate change issues exposed the social flaws and proven to be the finest news site based on public input.

Improving understanding

We have a wide range of new programmes that are helping in altering public views of politics and making them more aware of global and national issues.

Our most recent current affairs work improved the nation's grasp of crucial topics. All News Today News channels, as well as national and local services, digital and interactive TV, online, World Service, and News Today, were represented. Each event day had over 20 million viewers and some of the largest peak audiences for current events.