American Youtuber Mr Beast Paid $1 Million to Operate 1000 Blind People's Eyes

American Youtuber

NewsToday: Youtube's most subscribes person Mr. Beast spend millions on curing 1000 people’s blindness and their eye surgery. The real name of Mr. Beast is Jimmy Donaldson, who is just 24 , who just shared a video of people from the US who is suffering from Cataracts removed with the help Organization. Mr. Beast gave 10,000 dollars and bought Tesla one person and also donated 50,000 dollars in college funds. Donaldson made stunt videos and gave people dares. Recently he made a video of being buried alive for 50 hours and dared a person to keep his hand out of the plane will get the private jet.

The people who get cure the vision are from Namibia, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya and Jamaica.

Sabahat Abid


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