Apple to Launch its Own Car By 2026 Under $100,000


Newstoday: Apple will announce its vehicle sector launch in the worldwide market by 2026. Daniel Ives, managing director of Wedbush Securities and a tech analyst, recently informed media reporters that tech King will join the car business in 2026. Furthermore, he stated that the progress of the automobile industry was gradual rather than revolutionary. The firm intends to advance in the next two years, and they are now working on semi-autonomous driving technology that will outperform most of its competitors.

Apple is demonstrating its desire to compete with the rest of the globe. Although they are new to the automobile industry, their computer hardware expertise is significantly superior to that of other top leading automotive industries such as Tesla. . The Apple Car will be met with competition from Sony, Xiaomi, and other tech businesses turned carmakers when it makes its debut. However, Ives believes that the long-awaited battle will have to wait until 2026.

Sabahat Abid


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