At least 90 Dead and 150 are Injured In Peshawar Mosque Attack.

NewsToday: The heart-wrenching incident happened yesterday in Peshawar mosque. The blast occurred inside the mosque at the time of Zohr prayer, which killed 90 people and wounded more than 150. Riaz Mehsood, the commissioner of Peshawar, said that the rescue operation was still underway, and at that time, many people were buried under the rubble. The policeman who survived the incident said he saw the black smoke rising in the sky.

The police told the reporter that the bomb was a blast at the hall's center at 1 pm. When the suicide bomber was standing in the front row near Imam Sahib was offering the Zohr prayer. The sound of the blast was so loud the gun fired was also heard after the explosion. TTP leaders took responsibility for the attack. Caretaker Cheif minister Azam Khan of the KP called a day of mourning in the Province (Tuesday) after this hilarious attack.

Sabahat Abid


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