Barcelona women's football team made a new history by winning 50 matches in a row

NewsToday: The women's team of the Spanish football club Barcelona has set a new world record by winning 50 matches in a row.According to the report of the foreign news agency, in the last season, the Barcelona team won all the matches of the league and are in the third position on the points table, but they still have two matches left, after which the situation of the table will be clear.Barcelona's women's team has not lost a single match at home since 2019, showing a great performance under the leadership of Yed coach Jonathan Giraldez.

Despite their excellent league form, Barcelona lost out in the Women's Champions League earlier in the season, being beaten 3-1 by German side Bayern Munich in the group stage, but this did not affect their performance.The aggressive play of the women's team of Spain's leading football club saw 91,553 people watch the Women's Champions League quarter-final match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Sabahat Abid


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