Bollywood Copies Another Pakistani Song After Nach Punjaban


Newstoday: Undoubtedly, Bollywood will continue to appropriate Pakistani masterpieces. T-Series, the music juggernaut of B-Town, is here to ruin yet another Lollywood musical score after misrepresenting Nach Punjaban, Disco Deewane, and several more songs. Pakistani singer Farasat Anees recently called out the Indian music company for stealing his song "BIBA," which was used in the Pakistani Oscar-nominated movie Joyland. Anees claimed to have supporters in Pakistan and India in an interview with a local media outlet called Images. Anees posted a video on Instagram that includes clips from both songs and asks viewers to comment on whether they think the music has been sampled.

Such a shame!" Due of its global popularity, T-Series is copying our work. Toshi and Slick Trick, two of my brothers, and I put in a lot of time and effort to make this song what it is today. Please quit destroying each and every admirable music from Pakistan, he captioned the picture.

Sabahat Abid


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