Bollywood Diva Rakhi Sawant Says Pakistanis to Support Imran Khan

Diva Rakhi Sawant

Newstoday: Bollywood diva Rakhi Sawant has shared her tiktok video and urged Pakistani to raise their voice in favor of Imran Khan's arrest. She stated that Pakistan should leave Tiktok and go outside and rise for Imran Khan's support. Rakhi Sawant is totally an entertaining piece for years and is also a contestant on Big Boss. She is a favorite of many and also recently she gets married to a Muslim man and also she embraced Islam.

This is not the first time she stand and given words to Pakistan politics. In 2019, she supported Imran Khan, and also she is a fan of him. She told in her story that if this would happen in India, the country will fall into hell. And the people gonna show their least power to support their leader. Not only Rakhi but many media industry star has risen their voices in favor of Imran Khan and the country's solidarity 

Sabahat Abid


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