Bradford Bus Displays Hadees Rasool SAW, Wins UK People Hearts


Newstoday: The Islamic Hadees displayed in UK Bus receive hearts from all over the world specially from UK People. This states that O Mankind, Spread Peace and Feed People” .Someone asked Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ that what is the best thing in Islam, and the Prophet of Allah stated to him that feeding others with love you know and also to those you do not know with the greetings of Islam is best in Islam. This hadees is also cited among the source in Al-Bukhari (12,28 and 6236), Al Nasai (8/107) , Abu Dawud (5494) and Ibn Hibban (505).

Whoever feeds a hungry person will have his sins forgiven, and whoever assists someone in travelling will have his sins forgiven. "Feeding the hungry, assisting the poor, and assisting others with their needs are all good deeds that can earn us a place in Paradise"If you don't receive enough food, you don't develop - we see this in stunted children who grow less than they should. Lack of food and micronutrients also has an impact on their muscle and brain growth; it impairs spatial navigation and memory formation, resulting in cognitive impairment.

Sabahat Abid


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