Criticizing Imran Khan has Ended My Career Singer Jawad Ahmed

Jawad Ahmed

NewsToday: Famous musician Jawad Ahmed has said that after entering politics and criticizing PTI Chairman Imran Khan, he no longer receives invitations to performances.

In answer to a question regarding his singing career, Jawad Ahmed stated in an interview that there are two forms of work in the world of singing: writing music and singing. The musician has stated that since he entered politics and voiced his opposition to Imran Khan, no one has invited him to performances.

People tell him to leave him alone since he is a controversial guy, and he claims that 95% of his music business is over because of his political position. He went on to say that he criticizes other political parties, including Imran Khan, and that he wants to build a party for the average man in Pakistan.

Sabahat Abid


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