Daycare Centers Are Now Mandatory in Public and Private Offices


Newstoday: The newly approved 'Daycare Centres Bill 2023' requires both public and private sectors in the federal capital to establish daycare centers to assist employees with children. The bill mandates that departments employing 70 or more individuals must establish daycare centers, and failure to comply may result in a fine of up to Rs. 0.1 million, with repeated non-compliance leading to a prison sentence of up to six months.

Senator Quratulain Marri introduced the bill on 12 November 2018 to address public and private organizations' lack of childcare facilities. The bill recognizes the significant representation of women in the country's population, particularly in urban areas where more women serve as primary or secondary earners. The Day Care Centres Act mandates that all public and private entities establish daycare centers to address the current shortcomings. Certain existing centers have been reported to lack affordability, indefinite services, poor hygiene, nutrition, and abusive practices.

Sabahat Abid


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