5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Indonesia Causes162 deaths

indonesia earthquake

NewsToday: There are signs of destruction in the Indonesian region of West Java following the earthquake, as the search for individuals buried under the rubble continues.   According to the foreign news agency, scores more individuals are still trapped beneath the dust, raising the fatality toll.
According to reports, challenges in relief operations are being encountered owing to landslides; police troops are also being sent to the region to assist in the rescue. According to the governor of West Java, the earthquake displaced nearly 13,000 people and destroyed 2,200 houses.
He stated that due to the power failure, medical treatment was given to the injured in the car park outside the hospital after the earthquake. According to foreign media, the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that struck yesterday killed more than 162 individuals and injured hundreds more. Most of the victims are youngsters due to the earthquake occurring during school hours.

Sabahat Abid


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