Expelled PTI Lawmaker Uzma Kardar Joined the PMLN Party

NewsToday: Uzma Kardar, a former member of PTI, joined Pakistan Muslim League (N). PMLN President and Chief organizer Maryam Nawaz met her in a special meeting yesterday. Uzma tweeted later on a picture with Maryam Nawaz about joining Muslim League (N).Uzma, expelled from PTI for party defection, joined Muslim League (N). She tweeted, "I had a special meeting with Maryam Nawaz and formally joined Pakistan Muslim League (N).

The written order issued by the PTI Standing committee on accountability said that Uzma Kardar was kicked out of the party after she was involved in criticizing Imran khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi.Uzma Kardar said that Imran khan is involved in white-collar crime. He stood behind and got corruption from his associates. 70% of the sin during Imran Khan went to Bani Gala, and other remaining percentage went to the pockets of other party members. Further, she stated that ten lahks daily are going into her accounts.

Sabahat Abid


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