FIA Arrests Online Scammers for Stolen Millions in Faisalabad

Online Scammers cases

NewsToday: According to a recent FIA report, more than 300 fraudsters have been arrested in Faisalabad. These con artists were involved in over 150 fraud schemes. The fraudsters used software to make a phone call pretending to be a bank employee, obtaining bank information, and offering to alter their ATM card.
According to FIA authorities, these fraudsters are targeting Faislabad and other cities. Online scammers are expanding in practically every country, including several significant cities in Pakistan. In 2022, over 1,100 Faisalabad residents were victims of this fraud, losing millions of rupees from their bank accounts.
According to a recent poll, cybercrime has defrauded over 900 people. Following the massive fraud, the Pakistani government attempts to maintain its infrastructure and create a stringent security online system. The Pakistani government has also decided to install CCTV cameras on trains for passenger safety and protection.

Sabahat Abid


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