FIFA WC England Reach the Quarter-finals After Defeating Senegal

FIFA World cup

NewsToday: England defeated Senegal 3-1 in the pre-quarterfinals of FIFA World Cup 2022.

England defeated Senegal in the pre-quarter-final stage at Doha's Ablett Stadium and advanced to the quarter-final stage. England applied mental pressure on the opponent from the start of the game, and Jordan scored the first goal against Senegal in the 38th minute, while Henry Kane scored the ball in the net in the 45th minute. England increased their advantage with their second goal.

Throughout the 90-minute encounter, Senegal attempted to put the ball into the net several times, but the opposite side played skillfully and kept the ball from entering the net.

Saka of England scored the third goal in the 58th minute to secure the team's victory, and the team led until the match's finish.

As a result of its 3-1 win over Senegal in the pre-quarter-finals, England advanced to the quarter-finals.

Sabahat Abid


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