Former Muslim League N MPA Rai Haider Ali Khan Joined PTI

Rai Haider Ali

NewsToday: After PTI Member Uzma Kardar joined PMLN, Rai Haider Ali Khan, a former PMLN member, joined PTI. Rai Haider recently announced his joining PTI in Zaman Park. Imran Khan praises Rai Haider's decision to join PTI and warmly welcomes him to his party. During the PMLN election, Haider was elected for PP 101 Jardanwala. Uzma Kardar also joined PMLN after she tweeted about a special meeting with PMLN president Maryam Nawaz.

As the current situation of the PTI party is not running on a good score, 2 members of PTI got arrested after hate and controversial speech. According to the judges, they are humiliating people's integrity and inciting them to come out and cause violence.

Sabahat Abid


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