Govt to Give Bikes to 22,000 Women Across Pakistan


Newstoday: Women on Wheels, the Prime Minister's initiative, will offer 22,000 motorbikes to women around the country. This effort, according to a research, will benefit women, including businesswomen, students, teachers, medical professionals, and women who work for governmental or semi-government organisations. The (NCSW) will carry out this project in accordance with the government's directives.

An official commented on the subject, "The initiative is not only enabling women to ride bikes, but it is also creating a general education on road safety and regulations." More crucially, it offers financial empowerment for women through collaborations with private sector organisations, such as delivery service providers. We will also supply bikes to ladies from lower socioeconomic groups who wish to ride bikes but cannot afford to buy them. Surprisingly, the data reveals that relatively few women automobile drivers were issued traffic fines last year, despite the fact that they rarely commit traffic offences.

Sabahat Abid


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