Grammarly App Also Launch "AI Text Generator" Feature to Boost Productivity


Newstoday: Following the firm's AI releases and digital innovation, every smart organisation attempts to include AI characteristics. Grammarly, a cloud-based typing assistance, has lately included AI Text produced features in its helping app.This new technology, known as GrammarlyGO, is aimed at boosting writing rather than replacing the writer. They enable users to check their spelling, grammar, clarity, spelling, and sentence engagement. Furthermore, it detects plagiarism and advises the user to remedy their problem. Other generative text solutions are available, with ChatGPT being the most renowned, so you may wonder what makes GrammarlyGO unique. According to the firm, Grammarly's 14 years of experience in AI help and responsible development set it apart from the competition.

GrammarlyGO can generate a personalized resume, respond to emails with one-click instructions, and rewrite a chapter to improve the tone or make it more professional. The option to personalize the AI is a critical differentiator that might put the product on par with Microsoft's Bing Chat.. The startup offers enterprise-grade security, anonymity, and inclusive communication honed by a linguist team. Nonetheless, Grammarly would undoubtedly want to avoid some of the unpleasant comments provided by Bing Chat.

Sabahat Abid


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