HIV Awareness Day is being Celebrated Worldwide Today

HIV day celebrated

NewsToday: Today is HIV Awareness Day, which is held all across the world, including Pakistan.

According to medical authorities, the number of AIDS patients globally is declining, but the HIV infection is spreading dangerously in Pakistan.

From January to November 2022, 970 people were recorded in Karachi, bringing the total number of patients infected by the virus in the nation to 2 lakh 10 thousand. Six Balochistan districts, including Quetta and Gwadar, have been deemed a high danger, according to sources.

Used syringes, unsafe blood transfusions, inadequate screening systems, sterile surgical tools, infected instruments during circumcision, and unprotected sex mostly cause HIV transmission.

According to specialists, drug users have the highest prevalence of this condition.

Sabahat Abid


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