Holy Kaaba to Be Cleaned 10 Times Daily During Hajj by 4,000 Workers


Newstoday: The Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque General Presidency is completely equipped to welcome pilgrims during the approaching Hajj season. It has gathered a vast team of 4,000 employees, both men and women, to clean the Grand Mosque at least ten times every day. They are devoted to keeping the mosque clean for everyone, with the support of nearly 400 supervisors.Along with cleaning, the staff will distribute 7,000 bottles of Zamzam water, and 800 extra personnel will be on hand to help pilgrims around the mosque. The Presidency will install 4,500 Zamzam water containers in handy positions around the mosque to simplify acquiring water for visitors.To keep the General Presidency clean, the General Presidency employs cutting-edge technology.

It has specially designed robots that can sterilise the mosque without the need for human interaction. These robots are trained to visit every nook and cranny of the mosque. Devices that sterilise both the air and the surfaces will be employed as well. Fog sterilisers will be used in hard-to-reach regions. Additionally, 600 hands-free hand sanitizers will be distributed around the mosque.To maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere, a dedicated team will clean the mosque, its courtyards, and its restrooms, using over 70,000 litres of sterilisers and according to international health regulations.


Sabahat Abid


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