Human Eye has 576 Megapixels, far better than the Digital camera


Newstoday: The interesting thing you need to know is human eye has 576 megapixels, far more than a digital camera.? That's an astonishing level of detail and clarity! It's mind-boggling to consider how evolved our eyes are and how much information they can process. As we all know, the average human retina has 5 million cone receptors. These cones control color vision. There are also rods that detect monochrome to sharpen the image we are seeing.

Our eye in the light mood can differentiate the two lines if they are separated by at least 0.6 arc minutes. Most people can see the clear difference in quality when it is printed in 6x4 if viewed from normal distances. The most interesting part is women have more cones than men, but they have more rods. Therefore, women can see colors brighter than ents but can't see well when it gets dark. Our eye is unable to visualize each piece of information equally; we only keep the information in our fovea. Bu t5no phone pixels are better than the human eye.

Sabahat Abid


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