Indian film The Kashmir Files Termed as Nonsense Propaganda

the kashmir files

NewsToday: 'The Kashmir Files,' an Indian film, has been labeled as non-sense and meaningless propaganda.

According to the report, the president of the International Film Festival of India's jury has called the Indian film 'The Kashmir Files' rubbish propaganda.

According to the jury of the International Picture Festival of India, Kashmir Files is a propagandist and nonsense film. It is quite astonishing that such a film received the National Award.

The Kashmir Files, an Indian film, is all about the Pandits and Parsis in Occupied Kashmir. It is a state propaganda film about alleged Pandit abuses in the 1990s. Kashmiri Muslims are portrayed negatively and as terrorists in the film.

According to the verdict, in addition to Muslims, Kashmiri Pandits protested “The Kashmir Files”.

It should be mentioned that The Kashmir Files was released this year on March 11th.

Sabahat Abid


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