Islam Becomes the Fastest Growing Religion in Japan and UK

Fastest Growing Religion

Newstoday: In Japan, around a thousand Muslims embrace Islam as in the east Asian countries Islam becomes the fastest growing religion. Almost, 110,000 to 230,000 Muslims accept Islam and are ranked at the top. The data was presented by the Tanda Hirfurni university in Japan. According to the 2010 statistics, the number of Muslims in Japan was 110,000 and at the end of 2023, it exceed 330,000 with the conversion of 50,000 people to Islam. Muhammad Tahir Abbas Khan, an APU professor and the president of the Beppu Muslim Organization, stated that the expansion of mosques is a positive step for Muslims globally. Globally, the Muslim population is steadily growing. It has grown to nearly 2.9 billion people, accounting for 26% of the world's population by 2050.Throughout the economic boom, Japan, a Muslim minority nation, had a remarkable increase in the Muslim population. Apart from Japan, Islam is the only religion expanding faster in the Western world, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Sabahat Abid


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