Japan Announces Internship Program for Pakistani Students


Newstoday: The government of Japan is collaborating with the Pakistan PM Youth Program to launch paid internships specially for Pakistani students.  According to the report, a number of bigger companies announced plans to recruit global talent to increase their growth and development, whereas , the smaller companies are facing hurdles after having limited experience in work. To address this issue, the METI Japan internship program , announced by the government. Here is everything , you need to penned down on your notes, for the internship

Types of Internships

This year, Japan is opened to 3 types of internships: 

1- Commuting Internships (A/A2 Course)

This is an on-site internship, where you will travel from your home country to abroad for work. You will get a chance to meet with the colleagues and the supervisor to promote effective communication. 

بیرون ممالک سے پاکستان آنے والوں کیلئے کوویڈ سرٹیفکیٹ کی لازمی شرط ختم

This is an online internship which will allow you to attend online and be able to gain experience anywhere in the world. This is most effective for foreigners without immigration procedures. 

3- Visiting Internships (C Course)

This type of internship is for overseas and this will allow the overseas to stay will accommodation facility. 


To be eligible for the METI Japan Internship Program, candidates must possess proficiency in either Japanese or English and fall between the ages of 20 and 40 by August 31, 2023. Interested individuals can apply through the program's official website. The internship is available during two periods: mid-May to late June for the summer program and mid-August to late September for the winter program.

Sabahat Abid


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