Joyland Nominated Best International Film at the ISA

Joyland movie

NewsToday:  Joyland reached another milestone after being nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards. Saim Sadiq has been nominated for the best foreign picture, with four other films.

Sadiq's Joyland is Pakistan's first entry into the Cannes award-winning film festival. Indian Film Festival of Melbourne's jury prize and best picture award were also won by the film. Oscar nominations have only been given to this film festival.

An upper-class Punjabi family with patriarchal beliefs is the subject of the film, which was shot in Lahore. Alina Khan plays Biba, a transgender dancer who is in love with Ali Junejo, the youngest kid. Some of the Pakistani celebrities who played crucial roles in this effort include Sania Saeed, Salman Peerzada, Rasti Farooq, and Sohail Sameer. Pakistan's Central Board of Film Censors banned Joyland because of its immoral nature.

There will be an Awards ceremony in California on March 4, 2023, during which winners will be announced. 

Sabahat Abid


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