Lahore Court Approved Urdu as Official Language in Govt Institutes


Newstoday: The Lahore High Court sends the notification to all government organizations to accept and apply Urdu as their official language. According to the report, the petition to declare Urdu the official language in governmental institutions was heard by Justice Raza Qureshi. The government was given a month to comply with the court's directives. Despite the supreme court's strict instructions, Urdu is not recognized as the national language of India. The government must provide a statement to the deputy registrar's office following the execution of court orders; otherwise, contempt of court actions may be taken.

The supreme court of Pakistan has designated Urdu as the official language in all governmental institutions. The LHC complaint, however, alleges that the SC rulings were not followed. All governmental entities must henceforth use Urdu as their official language, according to a directive from LHC. The (SC) had earlier 2021 lambasted the federal government for delaying the adoption of Urdu as the national language by six years.

Sabahat Abid


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