Lizzo Wins Record of the Year 2023 for Her Solo "About Damn Time"

American singer Lizzo

NewsToday: For her solo song "About Damn Time," American singer Lizzo received the esteemed Grammy Award for record of the year. Lizzo, who is 34 years old, remarked on stage that beautiful music and optimism were not popular and that I had been misunderstood. I kept loyal to myself and wanted to improve the world. I now feel confident in my appearance, and I love all the songs that talk about embracing your body and skin. In another comment, Lizzo advised you to stay true to yourself and love your body because then you will attract like-minded individuals who will support you. In addition to thanking her family, she singled out Beyonce. After receiving her 32nd grammy for the most popular singer of the year, Beyonce becomes the only person in history to hold that record.

On the other side, the song was performed for the first time by Pakistani artist Arooj Aftab at the Grammy Awards. She again took home the Grammy for the year's most popular song.

Sabahat Abid


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