Maula Jatt's 'Gandasa' Sold in Canada at Handsome Price of $50,000

Maula Jatt Gandasa

Newstoday: Pakistan is well-known throughout the world for its friendliness and compassion. Another example can be seen in the auction of Jett's Gandasa at the Sahara charity trust event.. The narrative of his Gandasa known as (blade) begins with Ragna and his sons' heinous murder of Maula's father. Maula, enraged, runs towards his Gandasa and mounts his horse, intending to kill Ragna with it. Thus far, the Gandasa has achieved considerable fame. Maula Jutt's Gandasa was sold for $50,000 during a charity fundraiser organized by the Sahara Trust in Toronto, Canada. The Gandasa was popular during the Sultan Rahi era, and it has recently become popular among Gen Z after Fawad Khan wore it.

Sabahat Abid


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