Messi Suspended and Fined by PSG for Traveling to Saudia Without Permission

Lionel Messi

Newstoday: Lionel Messi has been dropped put by his French football club for two weeks after missing team training and traveling to Saudi Arabia. Why did Yum abandon training and travel to Saudi Arabia without informing anyone? France champion, Lionel Messi, has been drooped put from the club for the temporary term. According to French media, Messi and PSG signed a two-year historic contract which will expire this summer season.

According to the club administration,  Messi will not be paid for two weeks. According to international media, Saudi football club Al Hilal also offered Messi one year deal worth 400 million pounds.He is also named as a tourist ambassador by the Saudi administration. Messi and PSG, a French football club, agreed to terms in 2021. The French club pays Lionel Messi $41 million a year in salary alone.

Sabahat Abid


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