Netflix is Making a Major Game With God of War’s Ex Art Director

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Newstoday: Few month ago , Netflix ventured into the gaming industry by introducing a growing collection of mobile games. However, it was clear that this was just the start of a bigger plan. Netflix later acquired Night School Studio and other channel for gaming purpose Next Games, and Boss Fight Entertainment, indicating their dedication to gaming. They even established two studios in Helsinki and Southern California. Mike Verdu, the vice president of gaming at Netflix, also announced the company's serious consideration of creating a cloud gaming platform, which coincided with the launch of their California-based studio.The launch of the California-based studio coincided with an announcement by Netflix's vice president of gaming, Mike Verdu, who confirmed the company's earnest exploration of developing its cloud gaming platform. A month later, job postings for the Los Angeles studio hinted at Netflix's ambition to create a PC game belonging to the prestigious category of third-person, triple-A action roleplaying games.

With Joe Staten, the former head of the Halo franchise, joining Netflix to contribute to this AAA project, the puzzle pieces gradually fell into place. Furthermore, Raf Grassetti, renowned as the former Art Director of God of War and who recently departed from Sony Santa Monica, has just announced his collaboration with Joseph Staten, Jerry Edsall, and Chacko Sonny to lend their expertise to developing this mysterious game. Although it's still early in the journey, Netflix's commitment to entering the triple-A gaming market is evident by recruiting highly experienced game developers and designers. However, it's important to note the cautionary tale of Google's Stadia streaming platform, which faltered and ultimately shut down in early 2023. Given Netflix's considerable size and influence, its entrance into this industry has the potential to be transformative.

Sabahat Abid


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