Owner of Pakistan First Air Taxi Service Goes Missing from Airport


Newstoday: The chief operating officer of an aviation company of air taxi, Imran Aslam Khan, went missing from Jinnah international airport on Thursday. The company recently announced to launch Pakistan's first air taxi. The manager of the company filed a complaint against the suspecting individuals that some unknown person had abducted Aslam from the Airport. Sky Wings is getting ready to launch an air taxi service that will allow consumers to book planes using a smartphone app similar to Uber and Bykea.

A spokesperson from the firm revealed last month that their planes could hold four people and that an app would be developed for easy booking of the service. According to the company's Facebook page, businesspeople, professionals, physicians, attorneys, politicians, celebrities, tourists, and anybody else may now enjoy low-cost aerial taxi services for cross-country travel.

Sabahat Abid


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