Pakistan Hockey Federation Banned Former Olympian Khawaja Junaid for Lifetime

NewsToday: Pakistan Hockey Federation banned former Olympian Khwaja Junaid for a lifetime. At the time of the Asia Cup, Khwaja Junaid was designated as the manager of the Pakistan hockey team. Due to the goal's disqualification, Pakistan is unable to qualify for the world cup. Asif Bajwa, the former secretary of PHF, managed the committee to investigate the matter before Khwaja's resignation. Hockey federation secretary Haider Hussain asked for the report from the committee for the lifetime ban.

Mian Ali Ashfaq, the PHF legal advisor, says that there are a lot of mishappenings and jingles in the misconduct due to which Pakistan cannot qualify for the World cup. He said that the action taken against Khawaja, as per the rules of FIH, is unforgivable, and damage cannot be repaired again.

Sabahat Abid


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