Pakistan, Iran Open Mand-Pishin Border Market for Future Development

Mand-Pishni market

Newstoday:  Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif met Iranian President Syed Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday to start the initiative of the Mand-Pishin border and also the Polan-Gabd electricity transmission line. The premier stated during the event that he had fruitful conversations with the Iranian president on all bilateral problems between the two nations. He stated that the two nations must progress in all areas, including commerce, agriculture, information technology, and other economic factors.

The premier emphasized that both nations had agreed to finalize the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and had conversations over the (CPEC). The market will serve as a platform for increased cross-border commerce, economic growth, and the creation of new opportunities for local enterprises the cooperation represents a bilateral relationship between both countries, the foreign minister has said in his statement. Bilawal Bhutto also joined Prime minister of Pakistan in his meeting with the Iranian officials.

Sabahat Abid


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