Pakistan Once Again Win TEKKEN 7 Nations Cup in Saudi Arabia


Newstoday: Pakistan won another video game trophy after defeating South Korea 3-2 in the Gamers8 TEKKEN 7 Nations Cup in Riyadh. According to sources, the Pakistan squad, which included Arslan Siddique, Imran Khan, and Atif Butt, also received a $500,000 award. The Saudi Esports Federation organised the event, which featured 16 national teams from across the world.

Pakistan overcame the UK team 2-1 in the semi-finals on Saturday to go to the final. Despite Arslan's setback in the middle encounter, Atif won the boss battle to help Pakistan win the game. In the month of February, the video gamer Atif Butt won the King of the iron Fist title knocking out a South Korean opponent. He won the $50,000 cash prize with the winning title. 

Sabahat Abid


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