Pakistani Calligrapher Syed Zameer Shah Wins USA's Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition


Newstoday: An additional proud moment Pakistan, a local calligrapher, won the Islamic calligraphy exhibit contest and received the prestigious US presidential prize. Haripur native Syed Zameer Shah fought against well-known calligraphers from 19 Islamic nations and displayed their works. Shah triumphed and was awarded a $250 cash prize. He was involved in the Pakistani Islamic Art Society. Shah has won for his paintings displayed in Islamic exhibitions throughout many nations, including Pakistan. Thus, this is not his first victory. Shah, a master of his trade who has spent the last 25 years making calligraphy his pastime, asserts that producing artwork requires a significant amount of time.

In addition to honing my talents, working as a teacher was also a passion of mine for the benefit of the following generations. Because a lot of talent in Pakistan needs to be polished, Shah urged the government to pay attention to the calligraphy industry.. Academies for the instruction of this art form should exist. To help this art grow, competitions should be held at schools and universities.

Sabahat Abid


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