Pakistani Exporters Can Earn 15 Billion Dollars by Exporting Meat, Pakistani Ambassador


Newstoday:  Pakistan's ambassador to China, Moinul Haque, has recently announced a significant development in the Pakistan-China trade relations that is expected to benefit the national economy greatly. According to him, China has granted permission for the import of beef from Pakistan, which could potentially generate a whopping 15 billion dollars for the exporters in the country. This move is a remarkable accomplishment for Pakistan, as it opens up new avenues for trade and commerce between the two countries. Ambassador Moinul Haque further elaborated that the official notification regarding the import of large meat from Pakistan has been issued by China, which is a clear indication of their willingness to strengthen and expand their trade ties with Pakistan.

This decision by China is expected to boost the confidence of Pakistani exporters and stimulate the growth of the meat industry in the country. Moreover, this development comes at a time when Pakistan is facing challenges in its energy sector, as NEPRA has recently announced an electricity tariff increase of Rs. 1.61 per unit for April 2023, which will impact most consumers except lifeline consumers and EV charging stations. With these developments in the trade relations with China and a positive outlook for the open market, Pakistan is poised to overcome its challenges and progress towards economic stability and growth.

Sabahat Abid


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