Pakistani Movie Joyland Earned $1 Million in France

NewsToday: Pakistan's blockbuster film Joyland is winning the hearts of global theaters. The Cannes winners film has earned over 1 million dollars in France. Now it is on its way to the US premiere at the renowned Sundance Film Festival. As quoted in foreign magazine, Joyland movie break the historic records at the box office in France. Director of Movie Sadiq has celebrated the true moments while tweeting “To see the love and immense support from the global audience has been an extraordinary journey, I can't imagine it.

Pakistani first film reaching 1 million dollars in France is true moments”. Joyland tells the story of a patriarchal man falling in love with a transgender dancer at the theater. The movie described the crowd as pleased and boundary breaker and has earned support globally. Malala Yousafzai and actor Riz Ahmed are now executive producers of the film.

Sabahat Abid


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