Pakistani Startup Wins $75,000 Prize from Harvard University

Pakistani Startups

Newstoday: Pakistan-based healthcare startup PatientFirst.AI has been awarded a notable prize of $75,000 in a distinguished competition sponsored by Harvard University, for its pioneering electronic health record (EHR) platform. The president of Harvard University discusses the subject of how to promote creative businesses by giving important concerns and answers. PatientFirst created a ground-breaking platform. The possibility of AI to revolutionize the healthcare environment in underdeveloped nations, where access to basic healthcare services remains a significant issue, was recognized. 

The lightweight and user-friendly electronic health record platform developed by PatientFirst.AI caught the attention of the judges for its capacity to address the pressing need for better healthcare record management in developing countries. By lowering entry barriers and encouraging broad adoption of EHR systems, the platform is well-positioned to create an impact in these areas.. With the support of the prize money and growing backing, the startup aims to improve its platform and scale its operations for a wider roll-out across multiple developing countries. To raise its next round of funding, the healthcare startup is actively seeking to engage with investors who share its interest in the healthcare sector.

Sabahat Abid


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