Matric and Inter passing marks increased from 33 to 40 percent

passing marks for inter and matric

NewsToday: According to IBCC Secretary Ghulam Ali Malah, the minimum passing grade for matric and intermediate students has been raised from 33 to 40%.

The Punjab Government announced implementing a new grading system in educational institutions to eliminate the race for marks among pupils. After the following few years, a new grading system will be implemented. The Educational Boards Committee determined that the matric and intermediate exams will be held in April and May of next year. The committee also established a 10-point grading system for matric and inter-level students across the country.

Also, the term "F" for fail will be changed to "U" throughout the system. Means inadequate. The new grades are A+++, which will secure 95 to 100% marks, 90% for "A+," B+, which will be very good; and 80% for "B," which will be good for 70 to 75%. You will be marked as failing if your performance is less than 40%.

Sabahat Abid


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