President of Marvel Studios has announced 'Spider-Man 4'

Marvel Studios

Newstoday: The Marvel Studios CEO discusses upcoming MCU projects, the upcoming Phase 5, and Kang the Destroyer as a critical foe. Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4 (working title) is already a thing. Kevin Feige affirmed this in a question-and-answer session he recently gave to Entertainment Tonight. In the meeting, the chairman of Marvel Studios discussed coming up soon MCU projects, the forthcoming Phase 5, which debuts this Friday in theatres with Ant-Man and the Wasp quantumania, and Kang the Military leader, the opponent played by Jonathan Majors, who serves as the main enemy of Phases 5 and 6. However, one of the most awaited announcements was the revelation that production on Tom Holland's Spidey's fourth standalone film had already begun.

Sabahat Abid


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