Production and Sales of Electric Fans with more than 80 Watts Banned by Govt

Fan ban

Newstoday: To preserve energy, it was decided to prohibit manufacturing and selling conventional fans. Based on the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, a decision has been made in principle to restrict the manufacturing of traditional fans that use more power in the country beginning July 1, 2023, with the official SRO to be issued soon. According to a National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NECC) document, the government has been entrusted with allowing the manufacturing of fans with less than 80 watts of electricity. It was also instructed to modify the country's national feather standard.

This ruling allows the manufacture and sale of fans in the first star rating category that consume less than 80 watts of power in the nation. Fans with AC inverters, on the other hand, are classified as five-star fans, consuming 45 to 50 watts of electricity. The representative organization of Pakistan's fan-producing industry will be contacted to develop efficient fans for energy saving so that their production may be enhanced, similar to the industries making energy saver lights. To encourage efficient fans, a plan is being considered to offer fans to the public in installments, with the cost invoiced to power utility providers in installments, ensuring that at minimum, one efficient home is delivered. An electric fan is required.

The Electricity Division and NECC will also keep an eye on the performance of residential electrical equipment made in Pakistan. Those with an electrical efficiency of greater than 90% are permitted to travel.

Sabahat Abid


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