Punjab Citizens with Electricity Bills of Rs 10,000 or more can no Longer Use Sehat Card.


Newstoday: Recently, in the Press Conference held by Punjab caretaker ministers to announce the drastic changes made to the health card program.  The treatment through the health card will continue, but not everyone will be able to benefit from it; after the announcement of the new guidelines, individuals who travel abroad and have an electricity bill of above 10,000 will no longer have to get free treatment. The person with such expenses is considered good. So the government has decided to provide this right to deserving individuals. This new policy was made to halt the depletion of funds and also resources.

For the health sector, 1.5 billion funds are established and only government hospitals provide free heart treatment. Also the government has decided to remove the Pakistani flag from the card. Amir Mir, the caretaker Information Minister, emphasised that the health card programme will continue with some restrictions. He admitted that the health card has previously been abused, allowing certain people to benefit from it. He stated that the Sehat Card Scheme was first introduced in 2015 during the Nawaz Sharif administration, primarily for worthy citizens.

Sabahat Abid


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