Punjab Govt Decided to Abolish Homeopathic Doctors Seats from Govt Hospitals


Newstoday: The seats of Hakims and Homeopathic physicians, who have been there for a long time, are being phased out of Punjab province's government hospitals. This was revealed by a renowned website quoting official papers, according to which the four-month non-developmental budget would be tabled in the assembly after approval by the province's interim cabinet for alternative treatment at government hospitals. The funding for the empty seats of devoted homeopathic physicians and hakims has not been preserved.

According to the records, the provincial health department has also accepted the summary of termination of these positions in this respect.According to official papers, more than 300 seats in Punjab province's elementary and secondary hospitals have been allocated for hakims and homeopathic physicians, the majority of which are unfilled and have not been recruited from the last village, but these vacant seats have already been filled. Under the health card, 63% of people received care from private hospitals, while 37% received treatment from government institutions.

The Provincial Ministry of Health spokeswoman stated in this respect that work is being done to minimize superfluous expenditures for proper budget usage, but no one's employment would be terminated.According to Urdu News, the province health department's spokesman has stated unequivocally that no one would be dismissed, nor can any government do so, save for the seats that are not being utilized and preserving a budget for it each year. There are certain recommendations linked to them, the ultimate outcome of which may be determined only when the budget is approved.

Sabahat Abid


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