Punjab Recorded Almost 1000 Bike Accidents in 24 Hours

Punjab road Accidents

Newstoday: Large numbers of accidents have been seen in Punjab.  7 persons were killed, and 1,146 were injured in 1,084 RTCs in all 37 districts of Punjab in just 24 hours. According to The national report, 586 individuals were sent to various hospitals with critical injuries, while 562 patients with minor injuries were treated at the site by Rescue Medical Teams. About 71% of the acciedents happened of motorcycles , which is top in ratio. Further research found that the accidents included 481 drivers, 31 underage drivers, 113 pedestrians, and 420 passengers.

According to the data, 306 RTCs occurred in Lahore, with 310 people killed, putting the province capital at the top of the list. The recent figures also show that Road accidents affected 1084, including 913 males and 227 females under 18. According to the data, 921 accidents were of motorcycles, 121 cars, 18 buses, 17 trucks, 83 of rickshaws and also other types of vehicles of slowing moves carts. 

Sabahat Abid


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